Journal of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Changes in serum laboratory values

   ParameterBefore surgeryAfter 1 yearP-value
HbA1c (%)*6.3±2.05.5±0.60.003
C-peptide (ng/ml)3.5±2.02.5±1.30.043
Insulin (uU/ml)*19.9±11.88.6±5.0<0.001
HOMA IRa*5.2±3.32.1±1.4<0.001
HOMA Bb*519.8±1708.496.5±58.1<0.001
Fasting blood glucose (mg/dl)*110.6±46.896.5±11.60.091
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)202.7±33.2200.7±32.00.835
High density lipid (mg/dl)*54.9±12.255.7±10.10.330
Low density lipid (mg/dl)126.2±26.9125.3±32.10.909
Triglyceride (mg/dl)148.4±68.3109.7±56.60.007
Total protein (g/dl)7.3±0.47.1±0.40.021
Albumin (g/dl)4.6±0.44.6±0.30.297
Uric acid (mg/dl)*5.9±1.55.3±1.70.027

They were analyzed by a non-parametric statistical test.

Homeostatic model assessment of estimated insulin resistance.

Homeostatic model assessment of beta-cell function.

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