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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Predictors of diabetes remission after bariatric or metabolic surgery

NType of surgeryBaseline BMI (kg/m2)Baseline HbA1c (%)Duration of diabetes (years)  Remission rate (%)  Definition of diabetes remission  Predictors of diabetes remission
Hayes et al. (2011) [22]127RYGB46.8±9.47.7±1.74.5±584% at 12 monthHbA1c<6% without medicationPreoperative BMI, HbA1c, FPG presence of hypertension diabetic status
Hamza et al. (2011) [23]74LAGB & RYGB51.6±8.2LAGB 7.5±1.8 RYGB 7.9±1.9<5 (n=34) ≥5 (n=30)LAGB 24% RYGB 50% at 17 monthsHBA1c<6.5% & FPG<100 without medicationAge, %EWL (type of surgery, female, follow-up duration)
Balckstone et al. (2012) [14]505RYGB48.7±8.17.5±1.6Median 443.2% at 14 monthsHbA1c<5.7%, FPG<100 without medicationPreoperative FPG, HbA1c Preoperative insulin use Duration of diabetes <4 years
Aarts et al. (2013) [24]56RYGB48.1±6.37.4±1.54.8±5.0 (OHA), 8.7±6.1 (insulin)74%HbA1c≤6.5% without medicationRecent T2D diagnosis lower preoperative HbA1c Lower daily doses of metformin Lower daily doses of insulin
Schauer et al. (2014) [9]99RYGB & LSG36±3.59.3±1.58.3±5.1RYGB 46% LSG 29% at 3 yearsHbA1c<6.5% without medicationReduction in BMI (OR 1.33) Duration of diabetes <8 years (3.3)
Bhasker et al. (2015) [25]106RYGB45±7.88.7±2.18.2±6.2NA (HbA1c 6.2± 1.3 at 5 years)HBA1c<6% & FPG<100 without medication for 6 monthsC-peptide levels ≥3 Duration of T2DM ≤5 years BMI ≥40 kg/m2 no preoperative insulin use
Yu H et al. (2015) [26]68RYGB31.5±3.68.6±2.1773.5% at 1 yearHbA1c<6.5% without medicationShorter diabetes duration C-peptide VFA
Park and Kim (2016) [27]134RYGB37.9±5.28.0±1.54.6±5.846.1% at 12 monthHbA1c<6% without medicationC-peptide >2.6 Age. preoperative BMI, HbA1c, insulin use
Scopirano et al. (2017) [28]135BPD27.0±9.69.2±1.711.1±7.860.7% at 5 yearsHbA1c<6.5% without medicationPreoperative BMI Preoperative insulin use

BMI = body mass index; RYGB = Roux-en-Y gastric bypass; LAGB = laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding; LSG = laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; FPG = fasting plasma glucose.

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