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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Clinical characteristic and treatment of case series

 Case 1 Case 2
Patient age & gender60-year-old male39-year-old female
Bariatric surgery performed, datelaparoscopic vertical (sleeve) gastrectomy in May 2014, with conversion to LRYGB in March 2017LRYGB in March 2014
Complication after bariatric surgeryNo complicationsNo complications
Weight loss at presentationEBWL 95%56 kg
Symptoms at presentationAcute on chronic epigastric pain, pallor and perspirationAcute on chronic diffuse abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting
Time between bariatric surgery and symptoms5 months from LRYGB, three years and 5 months from sleeve gastrectomyThree years
Diagnostic method & resultsAbdominal CT scan only revealed hiatal hernia with no enlarged lymph nodes, dilation of intestinal loops or peritoneal fluid. Gastroscopy and US were not indicativeAbdominal CT scan with evidence of internal hernia and fluid in the abdominal cavity, enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes and a cyst in the left ovarian
TreatmentExploratory laparoscopy with internal hernia reduction, closure of the Peterson space and analysis of ascitesEmergency exploratory laparoscopy with internal hernia reduction, closure of mesenteric defect and Peterson space, and analysis of ascites
Ascites fluid analysis1250 mg/dl600 mg/dl

EBWL = Estimated body weight loss.

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