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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Follow-ups after initial endoscopic evaluations in groups A or B (N=87)

Additional FU (mo)Band in situAGB removal due to

MigrationIntoleranceConcurrent SG
Group A (n=82)28.4±21.649* (59.8%)0 (0.0%)19 (23.2%)14 (17.1%)
Group B (n=5)21.2±13.60 (0.0%)3 (60.0%)1 (20.0%)1 (20.0%)

SG = sleeve gastrectomy; Group A = normal appearance; Group B = SSA without band migration; SSA = Snake-Skin Appearance of Gastric Mucosa.

Of the 49 patients with a band in situ, 17 (34.7%) underwent follow-up endoscopy at our hospital for a mean 21.1±7.5 months (all showed grossly normal gastric mucosa compressed by band). Other 32 patients were regularly followed for band adjustment using clinico-radiologic studies (esophagograms).

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