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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. “Slim-Mesh” (SM) technique PHASE 1 (see SM YouTube video): First laparoscopic step: (A) Size, location, and total count (3- or 6) for ports for operation using a giant/massive (GM) SM. The first three ports (e.g. No. 1, 2, 3 (Fig.1)), are generally inserted into the abdomen for operation using a small/medium/large SM; for cases of giant (G) SM and for massive (M) SM, an additional 12-mm port (No. 5) for introducing the camera, plus one (No. 4) or two (No. 6) 5.5-mm ports, need to be introduced under vision for the last SM fixation maneuvers at the contralateral periphery of the abdominal wall to the first three abovementioned ports, and several centimeters away from the first edge of the G/M SM to be fixed; (B) Laparoscopic exploration of the whole abdominal cavity with adhesiolysis when necessary, measurement of SM overlap for various sizes of VH according to the SM technique, the marking with methylene blue of 4 peritoneal axial points (West, East, North, and South PAP), and measurement of peritoneal (internal) SM application area (SMAA).
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